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There are plenty of mom groups in Austin that cater to stay-at-home moms-to-be and seasoned mothers that have already pushed their little bundles of joy out into the world. There is even a club that offers special discounts on products and services just for those with growing belly bumps. I don't know about you, but those groups don't appeal to me. I don't want to be sold things I don't need, and the prospect of hanging out at a play park or splash pad with a bunch of kids isn't my cup of tea. I work during the day and could just use a little camaraderie and support from other first-time pregnant ladies and pregnant women who enjoy a little time without their kiddos. If you are a pregnant lady (or one that's actively trying to get pregnant) and would like to meet up after work to not get alcoholic beverages or yummy foods which are banned for nine months, then this group is for you! Let's get together to share our adventures in human building, support each other as ambitious professional women, and do fun things in and around Austin. Suggestions on activities and locations to meet up are welcome.
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