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This is the doula for you. Trust me!

By on March 29, 2017
I am so thankful for Ellie. She is so calming and caring. She really knows her stuff! She worked close with us and answered all of our questions with such great information! We had time to get to know her and were more comfortable knowing who was going to come to our birth. She specializes in so many wonderful things to help women through all kinds of births and it was very helpful to have her with me during my birth. She taught me ways to breath, to move and to relax before I ever went into labor so that my husband and I could use that time for him to support me, while she was supporting us. She would rub my back between contractions then apply the right amount of counter pressure to my back during contractions and my husband would focus my attention on him so I would not get overwhelmed. She even helped me choose essential oils that I liked so that we could use them during my birth. At every step she was making sure I was empowered in my decision. Not once did I feel unsupported! She spent HOURS applying hot packs to the small of my back, which was a god send! I don't feel like I could have gotten through my labor without her (and my husband of course!), but she encouraged ways for us to bond, and reminded him of ways he could support me. She was such an important part of my experience We hired her to do her holistic package and I tell you what! best money I have ever spent. She spends so much time focusing on taking care of moms. Her presence is calming and she is a great listener. She validated me during such an amazing experience and reminded me of the normal process of birth. She is such an amazing doula and you can tell she is passionate about what she does!
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I chose her because of her calm demeaner and knowledgeable background!

By on March 29, 2017
I had the best experience with Ellie. She walked me through every part of my pregnancy and eased my mind when I felt like things were happening that I did not know how to react to. She is professional but has a very calming presence about her. I liked that she specialized in all the things I wanted to comfort me during my labor. She made sure that my husband and I had the ability to work together while she supported me. This is the experience we wanted to have together. I feel like I had the birth I wanted due in large part to her. She is not just support for birth. She has helped so many mamas in such a positive way through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood. I am thankful that she was apart of our team!
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