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Welcome to Austin Secular Families! Although we live in Austin, the coolest and most liberal place you can find in Texas, it somehow seems impossible to find other non-religious families. It's very awkward to bring up religion (or lack thereof) to people you've just met, but for me it's a very important aspect of meeting new people. Especially families my kids will see regularly. And that's what this group hopes to achieve: offering a place where families can get together without the preconceived notion that we all attend church on Sunday. We are under the umbrella of the Center for Inquiry, which is a really awesome group of people who do really awesome things - lecture series, discussion groups, book groups, going out for dinner, volunteering, etc. ...most of which don't typically happen at the playground on a Tuesday at 10 am. This is the place for families to meet and let our kids play. It won't be exactly the same as attending a discussion group, but maybe we can have an interesting conversation while pushing our kids on the swings.
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