Arkansas Bend Park

16900 Cherry Ln.
Lago Vista, TX 78645

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0 - 18
Wheelchair Accessible

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Terrible employees and treated a disabled Veteran like discarded trash!

By on July 22, 2019
I Had a horrible experience with this place this morning. First i must give some backround so you better understand how terrible we were treated. I am a 90% Disabled Combat Veteran. It is hard for me to relax and do what i enjoy. I enjoy being near water and fishing. We drove over an hour to get there early befor sunup. My wife was good enough to go with me to help facilitate me being able to get on my inflatable paddle board which i sit on to be more stable, it is the onlh thing i can fit in the car. NOW TO THE TERRIBLE HORRIBLE TREATMENT. My wife parked to the side of the boat ramp because we both have trouble lifting things and she was waiting on the shore for me. A WORKER in a mule or golf cart came by with a Sheriff blaring their Sirens and lights. I was paddling in as fast as i could but my back has degenerated disks with bone spurs and my vertebrae in my kneck are partially collapsed. So i was in pain and got there in 10 min. The SHERIFF was telling my wife we had to pack up and leave now. I have a day pass and the only thing i might have done wrong was park too long to the side of one of the two unused ramps. I told him i dont understand why i cant just move the car and stay. He said diddnt move the car fast enough. He also perceeded to accuse us of sleeping there because my wife was waiting on the shore in a lounge chair. WE PAINSTAKINGLY loaded everything up under the watchful eyes of the park employees and 3 Sheriff cars. The park was empty by the way. We were bothering no one. This is my only accesss to water since their terrible MILLIONS were spent for garbage renovations which block our ability to be near the water with our vehicle. This is a huge problem when we have heavy things. In the end they had no right to treat us like this. I have destroyed my health in service of my country I Love. The only thing that gives me piece is this place at night, on the water. I just feel hopeless and degraded and angry!
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By on November 20, 2016
Great place to go camping!
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