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1335 E. Whitestone Blvd., Building Y, Ste. 100
Cedar Park, TX 78613

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6 Months - 18
Wheelchair Accessible

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Illogical and unfair practice

By on July 1, 2021
This doesn't make any sense!! I have my kid enrolled for 1:1 private class and she started doing her classes since two months. She loves going in there and moreover loves her swim Instructor a lot. So my one star is for it. The thing which did not make any sense to us is, the illogical management rules. There were two instances where instructor is not available for the class time, the electricity failure on one day for which they have cancelled the class. And then two other instance is where public holidays have happen to fall on class day. So for these four instances, my kid couldn't have a class. When enquired about the makeup classes, the management responded back saying that they can do the makeup class in a non-private class, along with other students. This did not make sense as it defeats our purpose of having our kid enrolled in private class for 1:1 attention. And this is not done, the most ridiculous thing is that, though it is a miss (not conducting class) on their end, they still want to charge us the 1:1 private class fees. How can they charge for something which never provided services for.. what logic or kind of management rules are these??? Total bullshit. Talking to branch manager,she says that these are rules that you signed up for. There are 'n' pages of content that we are asked to sign during enrollment and none of the management team highlighted it for us. So these are hidden illogical rules that come back to bite us on the customer's wallet. Now am considering to end our membership here and also spread the word with my network of friends on how BS the rule are setup. Total insensible.. No Thanks Aqua-Tots....very sorry for you"ll
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