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Why 1985? If you can identify with, relate to, understand, and especially laugh with the lyrics of the song “1985” by Bowling for Soup than you’re the kind of person we are looking for to join our group. 1985 PTA is all about parents and teens supporting one another through the challenges of the teenage years. In today’s world it’s often very difficult for us to keep track of our own lives, much less the lives of our teenagers. Unfortunately, when we toss in moving to a new city, our daily commutes, and single parenting the challenges become even greater. We welcome those who are: *New to Austin *Well rooted in Austin *Single Dads *Single Moms *Happy Parental Couples If you are looking to build a network of like-minded parents & teens, and are questing to make sure that the “Eddie Haskells” of the world stay out of your kitchen, then we want to welcome you to this exciting and adventurous group. We will be posting many exciting parent only, teen only, and parent & teen events throughout the year. So, hang on to your hats, caps, & beanies, and prepare to have some awesome adventures.
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